The Cargo Experience Challenge Hangar/BEDEK

Executive Summary Proposal

(Maximum 4 pages)

Executive summary instructions:

Please indicate the name of the company  & contact person above

1. Abstract: A summary, no more than 15 lines, describing the essence of the project and its expected outcome. The abstract should be self-explanatory to someone who has no previous knowledge in the field.

2. Company Background: Describe the major technical, marketing and financial assets and strong-points of the company that are relevant to the successful completion of the proposed development project, and to its successful commercialization. 

3. The Technology:  Provide a description of the product / technology to be developed within the Cargo Experience program including its uniqueness, its innovation, and how it will satisfy market needs that are not met today.

4. Relevance to BEDEK’s line of business:  Explain the relevance of the suggested technology to BEDEK’s P2F (Passenger to Freight)  conversion line of business  

Authorized Company Officials:
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